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Employer Visa and Recruitment Services

Is finding qualified staff a challenge? Do you have any long-standing vacancies that you just can’t fill, or skilled workers on work visas who are going to have to go home soon? Are you beating your head against a bureaucratic brick wall trying to deal with immigration formalities so you can hire and keep the skilled workers you have managed to find?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then look no further – New Life New Zealand can help!

All your Visa and Recruitment Needs in One Solution

As well as being Licensed Immigration Advisers, our Advisers have over 60 years experience in international recruitment with connections in over 60 countries. We are the only service of our kind in New Zealand to offer integrated candidate search, visa processing and resettlement support services in one seamless solution taking away the stress and hassle of employing overseas talent. Learn more about our Corporate Immigration Service here.

Employer Accreditation

Are you a New Zealand company that regularly recruits skilled workers from overseas?

If so, you could streamline the process and reduce the hassle involved in recruiting from overseas by becoming an Accredited Employer. The purpose of accreditation is to allow employers to recruit highly talented workers from overseas more easily to ensure access to the global skills their company requires. Becoming an Accredited Employer offers the freedom to employ workers from outside New Zealand without having to prove there are no suitably qualified New Zealanders applying, or readily able to be trained, to do the work.

Approval In Principle

Are you a New Zealand company that needs to hire several overseas workers in one go?

If you have a situation whereby you need to hire several overseas workers at one time and are not an Accredited Employer, you will likely have to obtain “Approval in Principle” from immigration New Zealand to recruit overseas workers. This is quite an involved process but the good news is our experienced Licensed Immigration Advisers can help you through the maze.

Are you a New Zealand company that employs several overseas workers?

With a range of different visa types available, complying with Immigration Law can be a complex process. The consequences of getting it wrong mean you risk breaching the Immigration Act, which can incur up to a $100,000 fine. In most cases, a breach of the law is unintentional – for example, if you are employing an overseas worker whose work visa is attached to their partner’s then be mindful your employee’s visa will be no longer valid if the partner decides to leave the job. See how easy it is to make mistakes unknowingly!

New Life New Zealand can provide an Internal Audit to give you peace of mind – you will know all your overseas workers’ visas are correct. Our Licensed Immigration Advisers will work alongside your HR department to check all your employees’ visas are valid and identify any potential issues. We will then ensure all of your employees’ visas are renewed before they expire, saving you from potential fines or lost productivity and disruption due to long visa processing times. We can either help you build a database and train your staff in eligibility so you are able to manage your own records in the future or we can manage the whole thing for you on a monthly basis.

When bringing a new employee to New Zealand for the first time we were unfamiliar with the current laws and processes to make this a success.  Through their knowledge and expertise, Connor and his Team gave us 100% confidence that they were giving us the best chance of a successful outcome.  Thank you for securing us our new employee and doing all the hard work to make the process so easy for us!

Kristy Cook, Marketing, People and Culture, IT Partners

As a small but growing start-up in rural New Zealand we need to hang on to our key staff and we need to ensure we spend our time and money wisely. When we ran into the visa requirement wall attempting to bring one of our product leads over from Brazil with his family we made a quick call to Connor. He got the process back on track and our developer settled in with minimal pain and cost. Next time we will hit Connor up from the onset. I would recommend Connor and his Team to anyone looking to onboard overseas staff as efficiently as possible.

Nic Edmonds, Chief of Customer Experience, Adroit Creations


0800 393 273

I was very happy with the service I received from New Life New Zealand. They were professional and knew exactly what was required and when. I found dealing with Connor to be easy and seamless with prompt response and accurate information.

Jason Crear

IT Engineer

Ex- South Africa