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So you’re thinking of moving to New Zealand, you’ve had your eligibility assessment returned and it’s good news – what now?

To migrate to New Zealand either temporarily or permanently, everyone who is not a New Zealand Citizen or who is not an Australian Resident or Citizen must have a valid visa to reside in New Zealand.In the vast majority of cases people need a suitable offer of employment before they can secure a residence visa and or permanent Residency.

So if you’re in the UK for example you’re probably asking yourself how do I get a job from 12,000 miles away so I can get a visa? Well that’s where New Life New Zealand can help. Nearly every one of our team has been through the immigration process so we know what it’s like to try and find that elusive job offer. That’s why New Life New Zealand was created.

At New Life New Zealand we not only take care of all your visa worries we help you get the right job that will secure you the right visa under Immigration New Zealand Policy. We have excellent relationships with New Zealand employers and recruitment agencies throughout the country.

When you sign up with us you not only get help with your visa and assistance finding a job you also get the support and experience of a dedicated bunch of people who know the roller coaster you are about to go through and can help you come out the other side like they did.

In addition to this our prices are very competitive. Because we are in New Zealand if you are overseas there is no GST or VAT payable on our services – this is already a big saving on UK based company prices. New Life New Zealand is all about helping both migrants and New Zealand employers, if our prices are too high this will affect our ability to provide employers with staff.

So what else do you get when you sign up with us?


Before you move to New Zealand you’ll doubtless have tons of questions going through your head, such as the immigration process, what’s it like to live out here, what’s the weather like in the North Island versus the South Island, what’s the education system like, will the locals like us, what’s the level of crime like, how do I find a job, what are the salaries like, will I be able to afford to live out here, how much does a house cost, is the health system any good… the list is endless.
You’ll also find that when you finally get that Interview employers will want to know that you have done some research and familiarised yourself with aspects of New Zealand culture.

Employers also want to know that all your immigration paperwork is in order and you are ready to lodge your visa application paperwork as most employers will only wait around 4-6 weeks for you to start work or will withdraw their offer. Currently between one and two applicants out of every five who file EOIs on their own are found to have miscalculated their points or are not invited to apply for residence for one reason or another. If your EOI is not selected, there is no appeal right and no recourse available to you other than to apply again and pay the relevant fee. Getting an expert on your side as soon as possible is probably the best investment you can make at this stage.

Getting Move Ready status addresses all of these important issues, and will tell employers at a glance that they can be confident enough to offer you a job.
Once you have retained our full service all of your questions will be answered!
Making the move to New Zealand is a big step, in fact one of the biggest steps you may ever make so it pays to make the right decisions about your future based on good, solid and reliable information from people who’ve made the move themselves and have the professional expertise you need.

When you pay a 50% service retainer on our full visa service we will work with you so that:

  • You will be equipped with the knowledge to make your own informed decisions on migrating to NZ
  • You will be armed with the tools necessary to convince an employer you are committed to your new life in New Zealand and making a successful transition
  • You will have unlimited access to your very own Immigration Specialist
  • You will receive help and advice on the registration processes for workplaces

Our services include the following essential tools:

1. The full Learn About NZ pack which provides information on everything you need to know about living in New Zealand. It would take you weeks or even months of research to find out all of this stuff including information on:

  • Finding Employment
  • Employment Rights
  • Self Employment
  • Housing
  • Transport
  • Banking and Finance
  • Communications and Technology
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Parenting
  • Consumer Rights
  • Law and Order
  • Politics and Government
  • Citizenship
  • Community Issues
  • Kiwi Identity
  • New Zealand Economy
  • NZ Immigration Process Overview
  • Travel Guides, maps, DVDs atlases and your very own NZ bone carving


including all documentation required for a successful application for a work visa or Permanent Residency


with a New Zealand based Immigration Specialist and UNLIMITED ongoing immigration advice and support on our FREE Phone Line

  • Information on how to obtain NZ registration of your overseas qualifications if needed
  • Information on how to obtain registration for trades, teaching and medical professionals
  • If you are conducting your own independent job search we will contact employers on your behalf to explain your visa status and where you are in the immigration process, and also screen vacancies you have identified that have not been advertised through us to make sure they meet immigration criteria and it would be worth your while applying.
  • We will assess all of your immigration documentation to ensure that it will meet the requirements to substantiate your application, or work with you so that it does.

If there could be serious issues arising with your application we will work with you to smooth them out, or ensure that you are pre-warned.

We will act as your agent, lodging the application on your behalf, liaising with Immigration New Zealand and your employer, and keeping you right up to date with what you need to know until that visa is stamped in your passport (and any followup you will need).

“Due to skills shortage in New Zealand, we have been struggling to recruit qualified and experienced staff. The team at New Life New Zealand not only provided us with a great worker but they also did all the visa paperwork for us so that our new addition could start work straightaway. The best thing was it was totally FREE. Thanks New Life this is truly a great service.”

Aaron Rink, Managing Director – CF Reese Plumbing

You will also get two special reports,

  1. Answers to the Top 10 most frequently asked questions by migrants who’ve already made the move
  2. Case studies from new Kiwis who share their experiences of making the move both the easy and hard way

It is essential that you and your family are fully prepared for making the move to New Zealand. If you are prepared and have all the information and support you need then you are more likely to settle quickly and get the best start to your new life. We have worked helping people settle in New Zealand and have also asked employers what they would want when employing people from overseas. That is why we offer “Move Ready” status as part of our service.

Thank you so much for New Life’s help, advice and support over the years.   Your knowledge and expertise allowed us to continue even during those times we had doubts that we would succeed.  I would recommend your Company to anyone intent on emigrating. What a great Christmas present!

Thanks once again

Robin and Felicity Morgans

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